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Keeler History

1917 - 1955
1955 - 2000
2000 - Present
American-born Charles D Keeler, aged 41, opens his first practice at 47, Wigmore Street, London W1, supplying high-quality dispensing services and spectacles to the patients of ophthalmologists
1926Keeler Optical Factory
His son, Charles Henry Keeler patents his first instrument, at age 23
C Davis Keeler open his first regional practice in Plymouth, Devon
C Davis Keeler opens practices in the West Country and Midlands. Patents include the multi-function Decagon Master Ophthalmoscope and the Cardell Polarised Ophthalmoscope
The C Davis Keeler company is established, with Charles H Keeler as its first Managing Director
Keeler launches Wide Angle Ophthalmoscope
Charles H Keeler purchases Sefton Lawn, Clewer Hill, Windsor, as a family home. Later this becomes the firm's business headquarters
Twenty years after his first UK venture, the founder Charles Davis Keeler dies
Keeler moves its spectacle prescription factory from the original premises in Jason Court, London to Windsor, establishing a scientific laboratory tradition at Sefton Lawn
Recovering from the disruption of the war years, Keeler moves ahead with the establishment of Keeler Optical Products Ltd, to design and produce ophthalmic instruments and sell them worldwide
Keeler Optical Products incorporated in Philidelphia, USA
In collaboration with Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, Charles Keeler evolves his new, rational low vision system - the first of its kind in Europe
Keeler launches the Fison Indirect Ophthalmoscope
To mark the firm's 50th anniversary, Keeler institues a Trust, the Keeler Award for Clincal Studies, which assists ophthalmologists seeking to further their clinical experience
Charles Keeler is awarded the OBE for services to the partially sighted
Charles' eldest son, Richard Keeler, is appointed Managing Director of the Keeler Group on Charles Keeler's retirement
Charles' youngest son, David Keeler, becomes Executive Vice-President of Keeler Inc, USA, succeeding Stan Dowler who had headed Keeler Inc since the 1950's
Charles Keeler is made an honorary life member of the Contact Lens Society
Keeler wins a British Design Award for its Pocket Diagnostic Set hand instruments for doctors and students
Dollond & Aitchison Group plc, then Britain's largest optical group, purchases Keeler Holdings Ltd with Keeler Ltd functioning as its specialist, autonomous instrument division
Keeler launches the Pulsair non-contact tonometer, a major innovation in glaucoma screening
Keeler incorporates the Hamblin ophthalmic instrument range into the Windsor operation
Keeler opens its Cumbernauld Sales and Servicing facility
The Pulsair Tonometer wins Britain's highest award for scientific instrument innovation, the Queen's Award for Technical Achievement. The Pulsair also won a British Design Award
Keeler celebrates its 75th anniversary
Charles Henry Keeler dies
Keeler launches the Vantage, a top-of-the-range Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
Keeler acquired by Halma plc a UK Listed Company
Charles Richard Keeler retires from his position as Chairman of Keeler Ltd
The Tearscope tearfilm analysis device and the Spectra spectacle mounted Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope are both launched
Keeler launches the Pulsair 3000 Non-Contact Tonometer which is the third generation of this market leading device
Keeler Ltd repositions itself in the UK Ophthalmic Optometric Market with the introduction of a comprehensive, co-ordinated range of refraction furniture and instrumentation
The Keeler All Pupil II Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope is launched
Mark Lavelle is appointed Managing Director, with a declared mission of "Adding new professionalism and speed of innovation to the company's enviable worldwide reputation for quality and service"
Keeler launches its website
Pulsair EasyEye is launched , with a revolutionary 'seeing eye' optical system
Keeler launches the replacement for the Vista 20 ophthalmoscope, the Professional. Its a radical new design and uses Xenon illumination, which provides bright, clear images of the retina with superb resolution and no reflex or shadow. The new ophthalmoscope has a snug fit against the patient's eye socket and an optimum viewing angle.
Keeler launches lithium-ion Slimline handles and chargers, able to intelligent charge handles in 2 hours
Keeler introduces the first "Wireless" indirect ophthalmoscopes. Wireless gives the freedom to move from room to room without any constraints - No more wires, cords or tangles, just a lightweight, well balanced and comfortable indirect ophthalmoscope
Keeler first introduced the Wide-Angle Ophthalmoscope in 1933. Seventy years later the Keeler Wide Angle Twin Mag represents another significant step forward in ophthalmoscopy. The Wide Angle Twin Mag's non-polarized Xenon illumination provides whiter, brighter light, ensuring diagnostic information is not compromisedKeeler - Lean Production
Keeler introduces Lean Manufacturing to its Windsor operation. Through a process of thorough analysis, cultural, structural and systemic redesign Keeler achieves astonishing results significantly improving manufacturing lead times, quality and reduces waste
Keeler launches the new version of its popular Specialist ophthalmoscope. 50% lighter than pervious models, the new model has a slimline lithium battery handle which is perfectly balanced with the head. The re-engineered optics provide 30% more illumination, allowing better diagnosis of cloudy media, cataracts and similar conditions.
Keeler introduce a new range of Low Vision Aids that are uniquely interchangeable and can be quickly and easily upgraded year after year as your eyes change
Keeler launch two new Dental products. The Hi-Res Loupe and KEE-LED light source, both of which exceed all expectations.
Keeler launches the Cryomatic ophthalmic cryosurgery unit. The Cryomatic is a major step forward in user efficiency, using advanced technology to automate the complex set up and operating procedures often associated with cryo systems. Reliability is a key feature of the Cryomatic and is of paramount importance in a theatre environment.
Optrafair at the NEC Birmingham sees the launch of the new Pulsair intelliPuff Non Contact Tonometer. This new hand-held Pulsair intelliPuff® non-contact tonometer has been radically redesigned and improved, making this 5th generation tonometer smaller, lighter and more accurate than any previous model. It also has an exceptionally light puff that is gentle on the patient's eye. 50% smaller than the conventional non-contact tonometer, the instrument can either be desk- or wall-mounted.
Keeler launches the new LED powered Spectra Plus Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope.  Spectra Plus has been specifically designed as a lightweight, comfortable and portable BIO for the professional on the move.  Spectra Plus has LED illumination to ensure constant and reliable illumination.
Keeler continues to innovate and launches the World's first headband LED powered wireless Binocular Indirect Ophahtlmocope - the Vantage Plus LED. Vantage Plus uses an environmentally friendly slimline Li Polymer batery rechargeable battery to power the white, bright LED illumination system. The benefits of this technology include controllable brightness, up to 6 hours of continual use from a single charge and greater comfort as a result of the lightweight battery pack.
Keeler launches the Digital version of the popular Vantage Plus LED Indirect Ophthalmoscope. Vantage Plus Digital brings a new dimension to the world of Indirect Ophthalmoscopy by giving the clinician the power to record and show others the surgical procedure or the patient's pathology. For the teaching and paediatric communities Vantage Digital represents another innovation from keeler to benefit clinicians and patients.
Keeler launches the 2.5x Mini Loupes, designed to be ultra light and comfortable with minimal compromise in the field of view. Absolute comfort is our achievement; excellent peripheral vision is the added benefit of our slim design.
Optrafair 2009 sees the launch of the Pulsair Desktop Non Contact Tonometer.  Pulsair Desktop has been designed to be fast and efficient to use.  Intuitive controls and a colour alignment screen together with an ultra slim design make this a user and patient friendly Tonometer.
The war against Glaucoma continues with the launch of the KAT - the Keeler Applanation Tonometer. The KAT is a perfect example of our skills, applying 21st Century design techniques to a 20th Century device.
The AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmologists) meeting in San Francisco was the venue for the launch of the PSL Classic, Keeler's new Portable hand held Slit Lamp, designed for the paediatric, domiciliary and veterinary markets and for where a conventional chinrest device is impractical.
Keeler launches an updated version of the highly succesful Vantage Plus Digital indirect Ophthalmoscope featuring an improved focusing system for clearer, sharper clinical video recording.
Keeler launches the Spectra Iris BIO. This compact, lightweight and affordable BIO is perfect for professionals on the move.
Keeler launches its first Desktop Slit Lamp - The Quality build, leading technology slit lamps with a contemporary design, the Symphony combines intricate performance with practical elegance.
Keeler launches the new Cryomatic MK II unit. Building on the exceptional reliability of its’ predecessor, the Cryomatic MK II delivers quality and versatility when using either disposable or reusable probes.
Keeler launches the new Digital Applanation Tonometer - D-KAT. The digital LED display on the D-KAT enables quick and easy reading of a patients IOP, performing exceptionally even in dimly lit environments.